Sibling Rivalry Or Great Friends

Sibling rivalry is common in many families. It’s cause can stem from wanting attention to bullying amongst the children. However it should not be ignored as it fuels a constant distressful atmosphere in one’s family and often estrangement of the siblings when they leave home. Too often parents simply become “peace-keepers” by just separating the children during the tension.  Regrettably this does not resolve the issues, but simply stores them for future conflict.  Rather than just separating the children, it would be much wiser for the parent to attempt to become a “peace-maker”.  This is done by insisting that the “rivals” apologize to each other for the conflict and with the parent’s help attempt to verbally resolve the differences.  Leaving issues unresolved often will cause the emotional separation between siblings to grow bigger, eliminating any desire to seek reconciliation. This toxic situation can be neutralized by the parents insisting the rivals talk it through and importantly, followed by their individual declaration for a desire to be one another’s friend. Parents who make the effort to be “peace-makers” will end up with a rewarding unified family … truly heaven on earth.

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