Rewarding Relationships in Marriage

This series constructs a wedding bliss highway while dismantling the hidden relationship mines and potholes. Wives will understand and experience why security and safety is their greatest inner need. Husbands will be empowered to protect their wife spiritually, physically and emotionally as they are honoured and accepted for their servant leadership role. The principles shared will equip you to see and understand the fundamental God-given boundaries that allow all relationships to be rewarding, and give skills that resolve conflicts which are experienced in everyday life.

This 3 session seminar can be condensed into a two session fun evening.

Chas has written his book ‘Designer Family’ and “Heavens Gift of marriage” based on these principles.

Rewarding Disciplined Parenting

“When the child does the wrong thing the parent should know how to do the right thing.”

This seminar will empower parents in a disciplined fashion to bring out the beauty of their parent/child relationship. Fran ministers on the single figure age child’s behaviour; and Chas focuses on the challenging pre-teens/adolescent years. After bringing up five children through the normal teenage/young adult challenges, Chas and Fran will empower you to develop the best friendship with your growing children. You will be encouraged to know that you are training up adults, not just raising children.

This 3 session seminar can be condensed into a two session evening.


Dinner Date – “come dance with me”

2 sessions

1. Intimacy (Song of Solomon). Fran

2. Connecting for life. Chas


Boundaries Seminar

2 sessions – personal, spiritual and gender boundaries in family and community

Rewarding Relationships in the Family Circle and Marketplace

This series concentrates on boundary issues and conflict resolution in composite families and strained relationships like step parents, grandparents, step children, empty nesters, adult children returning home.

This 2 session seminar can be condensed to a fun evening or sermon.

7 Days that Divided Mankind
Resolving the perceived tension between science and the book of Genesis

After embracing evolution as an undergraduate, Chas was challenged on the truth of God’s Word by witnessing a healing miracle. Chas is now a creationist and explains how Genesis does not contradict true science. He has had the privilege of leading many scientists to the Lord by his testimony and understanding of how Genesis is truth and not fable.

This 2 session seminar can be condensed to a single sermon

Mentoring Men

Empowering men with their God-given authority on earth, to be servant leaders to their family and in the work place. They will receive understanding spiritually on how to overcome being disqualified as protectors of their family against sickness, deception and poverty.

This can be delivered as a message or a men’s camp or a seminar

Living a Spiritual Life

Living a Holy Spirit led life. “Those who are led by the Holy Spirit are sons of God”. Where and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are ministered in everyday life.

This 3 session seminar can be condensed into 2 sessions.

You will learn ……

Connectedness factors for sustainability in marriage.

Five priorities for a rewarding marriage.

He needs acceptance – she needs security.

Married for Intimacy- not for pain, fighting or divorce.

Mastering the minefield of conflict resolution.

Forgiveness trumps resentment.

Beware of the bitterness of busyness.

Compliment, not compete with your spouse.

Your words build your romantic world.

Relational germs that disease a marriage.

Keeping covenant versus signing a contract.

Submission does not mean obedience.

Unity achieves your desired outcomes.

Fulfilling sex simmers all day.

Happy wife, happy life – love languages

Leave, cleave and not ashamed.

Godly husbands protect – wise wives build the home.

Emotions are signals of human needs.

Healthy as your honesty – sick as your secrets.



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You will acquire insight on…

Scenarios of the “modern family”

In-laws and out-laws

Adult children return!

Bringing step-children a step closer to you.

Step-mothers can be your best friend.

Navigating the minefield of the Ex’s.

Deploying Grandparents’ wisdom and availability.

Forgiveness…. the greatest gift to give yourself or someone else.

Generational problems and curses.

Inherited outside influences.

Resolving conflicting value systems.

When faith isn’t enough?

Salvaging a “non-talking” zone.

Showing caution with family loans

Holidaying with extended family

Bringing all secret history into the open.

“But I am adopted”.

Respecting religious differences
Raising grandchildren by default.


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When the child does the wrong thing, the parent does the right thing.
You will learn ……

How to parent with confidence in the outcomes.

Changing seasons of discipline, training, mentoring, coaching

The hormonal warfare of teenage years.

How to capture and nurture your child’s heart.

Rules of behaviour for parents

Directing a child’s priorities to love God 1st before the world

A checklist of your child’s spiritual development

How to raise passionate children for God

Cultivating honour amongst the family

Strategic family values, goals & boundaries

Developing & sustaining consistent positive behaviour.

Age appropriate boundaries

Preparing a safe place for all members of the family

Upgrading rules to boundaries

The importance & rewards of working as a family team

Minimising the scourge of sibling rivalry

Knowing your child’s future by their friendships

Delayed gratification – teaching your children how to wait.

How not to nag your teenager

Successful parenting after separation.

Skilfully navigating the minefield of step-parenting.

Parenting adult children.


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