Proverb 14

Ladies, you are a builder or a destroyer of your home according to what you do with your hands and your mouth.

Doing nothing achieves nothing, but working fearing God, your home will flourish.

Avoid scoffers and avoid troubling your heart by seeking knowledge and wisdom, not fools who mock at sin.

The quick tempered backslider who does life the world’s way will find sorrow and death of dreams. Depart from evil and only have your confidence in the fear of God. Remain prudent crowning yourself with knowledge. Truth and mercy sets people free and good always overcomes evil.

So have mercy on the poor as this honours God and brings much profit, but Idle chatter leads to evil. Having good friends is honorable and lack of friends is depressing. A good heart is slow to anger but being impulsive brings folly. Envy of others will eat away at you.  God gives favour to the upright woman who builds her home and nation, but His wrath is against those who bring shame by sin.

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