Our Background

IMG_1790Chas was an evolutionist and his beliefs were only strengthened during his years of dental surgery studies at the University of Queensland and while completing a Masters degree in biological studies at London University.

However this all changed when he witnessed a healing miracle which sent him on a journey to discover the truth about the Bible and Genesis. This has now given him a strong platform to challenge myths that surround evolution and declare the truth of Genesis.

Chas and Fran pioneered Nowra inc in 1987 and built a strong local church to over 500 before taking on the senior leadership of Suncoast Church in 1996 building that congregation to well over 1000 strong. They also trained up leaders to plant churches across Australia, NZ, USA and the South Pacific.

They were the Queensland state leaders for inc for 12 years, oversaw the South Pacific inc churches till 1998 and have been on the National Executive of inc from 1994 to 2018. They have overseen a large Christian College (P-12) and a Bible College (diploma level) on the Sunshine Coast and pioneered Suncoast Christian Care, which is a food outlet for over 7000 families with prime shop facilities in the heart of Nambour.

They have five adult children (and a growing number of grand children) all who have successfully navigated University degrees while remaining (and are presently) very active members of their local churches.

Fran has developed a strong prophetic gift which is frequently a blessing to many people as she ministers at churches and women’s conferences throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Chas has authored four books, “Heaven’s Gift of Marriage” – “Designer Family” – “Born 4 BC” –  “I am a parent of a teenager” and has written a regular column on relationships for over 10 years in the local newspaper.

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2020

Jan 19                Networx INC Springwood

Feb 16               Elevation INC Mandurah

Feb 21-23        Kununurra INC

Mar 22               Ignite Church ACC Woombye

Apr 22  -23     Network 200 Newcastle

May 17                Harvest Church INC Innisfail

Aug 15-16       Goodlife Toranto INC

Aug 22-23      Goodlife New Castle INC

Oct 11                Maroochydore INC

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2019

Feb 16-17      Atherton INC

Feb 17             Connect Church INC

Feb 22-24     Atherton INC

March 2-3     Darlinghurst C3

April 5-8        Thailand INC

April 27-28   Bribie Island INC

May 4               Victory Church INC (Men’s Ministry)

May 10th        Citipointe Brisbane INC (Fran’s Women’s Ministry)

May 18-20    Coffs Harbour C3

June 6              Suncoast INC (Chas Young at Heart)

June 9              Maroochydore Coast Live INC

June 19            ACC Sunshine Coast Regional Day

June 30          Yeppoon & Rockhampton INC

July 19-21      Dubbo INC

July  27-28    Cobran INC

August 4        Melbourne Engage INC

September 14-15  Hope Beenleigh INC

September 16th   Charleville COC

November  3rd    Blacktown Revelation Church

November 4th     Parramatta Church

November 11th    Nambour Christian Church

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2018

Jan 30     Anthem Church ACC Maroochydore
Feb 9-11     Toowoomba INC
Feb 22-26     Dubbo INC
Mar 9-12     Revelation Church Sydney
Mar 20-23     Go Church Cairns INC
Mar 22-26    Harvest ACC Warracknabeal
Apr 26-30    Go Church Cairns
May 18-20    Mt Isa Christian Outreach Centre
Jul 21-23    Parramatta Church
Jul 27-31    Gunnedah INC
Aug 3-5      Sydney City C3
Aug 24-27      City Church Nowra
Sep 1   Suncoast INC
Sep 2   Coast Alive INC
Sep 12-17   Kings Church INC Kunumurra
Sep 23   Caloundra INC
Oct 18-21   Revelation Church Sydney
Oct 27-28   Dubbo INC
Nov 9-11   River City Church INC Taree

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2017

Feb 18-19     Bribie Island Inc QLD
Feb 25-26    Victory Church Maryborough QLD
March 5      Maroochydore INC
Mar 25-26    Beaudesert INC QLD
May 21      Caboolture INC
May 25-27   Mt Annan C3 Mt Annan
June 11    History Maker Church, Sunshine Coast QLD
June 16-18  Parramatta Christian Church
Aug 10-14    Good Life Church Newcastle
Aug 19-20    Nowra Christian Church Nowra
Sept 15-18    Cairns City Church Cairns
Sept 29-Oct 1    Centrepoint INC Melbourne
Nov 12    Caboolture Connect INC

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2016

Feb 6-7     Geelong INC, VIC
Feb 13-14    Liberty INC, Melbourne VIC
Feb 26-29    4D Church, Melbourne VIC
Mar 10-13     Cairns City INC
Apr 3    C3 Coolum
Apr 8-10    C3 Church, Carlingford NSW
Apr 16-17    Caboolture INC
Apr 20 – May 22    Europe
May 21-22   Ballina INC
June 18-19    Plenty Valley INC, Melbourne VIC
July 3    Caboolture INC, QLD
July 17    Grow INC
Aug 6-7    Emerald C3I
Aug 31     Darwin INC, NT
Sept 1-4     Kununurra INC
Sept 17-18    City Church Maroochydore ACC
Sept 25    Shell Harbour INC
Oct 7-10    Connect Church Caboolture INC
Oct 23    Wheatlands District Church ACC, Warracknabeal VIC
Oct 29-30     Mt Annan C3
Nov 1-2     Morayfield Citipointe
Nov 6    Innisfail INC
Nov 19-20    Port Stevens INC

Chas & Fran’s Itinerary – 2015

Feb 1st     Maryborough Inc (Family service)
Feb 8th     Shell Harbour Inc (Family & Young Adults service)
Feb 22nd     Maroochydore City Church ACC (Family & Young Adults service)
Mar 1st     Emerald 3CI Church (Family service)
Apr 12th     Port Stephens Rock Church Inc (Creation/Evolution & Young Adults service)
Apr 24-26th     Brisbane International Church ACC (Family & Relationships Conference)
May 1-3rd     Kununurra Inc (Living a Spiritual Life Seminar; Men’s event; Women’s event; Family services)
May 29-31st     Freshwater Christian Church ACC (Leadership & Family services)
June 12-14th     Waraknabeal Christian Church ACC (Youth; Parenting Seminar & Family service)
June 28th     Redbank Empower Church Inc (Family Service)
July 3-4th     Vic/SA/Tas Inc Pastors’ Retreat (Leadership & Marriage)
July 5th     Hills Empower Church Inc (Family & Young Adults service)

July 12th     The Shire Empower Church Inc (Family service)
July 18th     Empower Churches Inc Sydney (Marriage & Family Seminar)
July 19th     Penrith Empower Church Inc (Family service)
July 26th     Macarthur Empower Church Inc (Family service)
Aug 1st     Redbank Empower Church Inc (Marriage Dinner)
Aug 7-9th     Newcastle Goodlife Church Inc (Wedded Bliss Retreat; Family service and Q&A Panel)
Aug 22-23rd     Port Stephens Rock Church Inc (Marriage Dinner & Sundays services)

Aug 29-30th     Melbourne 4D Church Inc (Marriage & Relationships Seminar and Family services)
Sept 2-3rd     C3 National Conference Gold Coast (Marriage in Ministry)
Sept 11th     Caboolture Inc (Fran – Women’s event)
Sept 12-13th     Cairns City Church Inc (Leadership & Family services)
Sept 17-20th     Coffs Harbour Inc (Parenting Seminar & Family services)
Oct 9-11th     Lakeside Church Inc (Marriage Encounter & Family service)
Oct 16-17th     North Queensland Inc Pastors’ Retreat
Oct 18th     Ingham Inc (Chas)
Oct 18th     Innisfail Inc (Fran)
Oct 24th     Murwillumbah Inc (Fran – Women’s Conference)
Oct 25th     Murwillumbah Inc (Family service)

Nov 1st     Emerald 3CI Church (Family service)

Fran Gullo