Dr Chas Gullo

For 28 years Fran and I have had the honour of serving as senior pastors at two great churches. Mid 2014, we handed over the reigns of Suncoast Church to our son Jonathan and his wife Chloe. While Fran and I remain available for Suncoast Church in part time pastoral roles, we now have greater capacity to follow the other passion on our hearts – which is to minister to the wider church in the area of “biblical truth and values – parenting and marriage – boundaries in families and relationships – leadership and living spiritually”. We’ve always loved and valued the times we’ve had over the years to visit with churches both in Australia and overseas to bring encouragement and biblical teaching to people in these significant areas. We would be honoured, if you think there is a need, to minister to your congregation in these areas or in any other capacity that you think would bless your church. Our website provides some background on our journey in coming to Christ and ministry, along with seminars/messages we have ministered at churches.

Dr Chas Gullo M.Sc.(U.Lond)., B.D.Sc.(U.Q.), Adv.Dip.Min&Theo., FCHC.

Ps Fran Gullo Cert.Min.

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